Service Agreements


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We like to offer our customer peace of mind by scheduling regular maintenance appointments to make sure that their unit is cared for properly and lasts a lifetime. Services range in pricing to accommodate the needs of every customer. Seasonal maintenance is essential to safe and reliable operation of your HVAC system and to extend the life and efficiency, saving time and money.

We use advanced record keeping systems to keep track of your service contract. We will make sure you receive the services you paid for. When you sign up for scheduled maintenance services we send you a calendar with proposed dates for services so that you'll know in advance when it's time to check-up on your heating and cooling system. If you want we can also send out email reminders to help you stay on track.

    Seasonal System Checklist

    Depending on the type of system that you have this list may not be comprehensive and is just an example of some of things we would look for. Ask your heating and cooling system service professional for more detailed information about your system and pricing schedules available. Safe operation is the most important factor when approaching an inspection. It's best to check at least twice a year in the spring before starting to cool your home or business and in the fall just before you start running your heating system.

    Heat Pump Air Conditioning Systems

    Oil Furnace Heating Systems

    Propane and Natural Gas Heating systems

    • Check thermostat for proper operation and replace batteries if needed.
    • Check indoor air filter(s) and replace if needed.
    • Inspect indoor blower motor, belt and tension.
    • Lubricate and clean blower motor to extend its life and efficiency.
    • Measure refrigerant charge meets manufacturers specifications for your unit.
    • Inspect indoor blower for dust, debris and ensure proper balance which increases its life, efficiency and reduces noise.
    • Inspect condenser coil and fin stacks for debris and clean if needed.
    • Inspect refrigerant lines for signs of leakage and corrosion.
    • Ensure high and low operating pressure safety controls function properly.
    • Check starting and running capacitors for good connection and inspect for deterioration, replacing if needed.
    • Lubricate outdoor condenser fan motor and ensure that fan propellor blades are balanced to limit vibration which produces excess noise and is the main cause for refrigerant leakage and system breakdown over time.
    • Check electrical systems, and wiring for running amperage to prevent compressor overheating.
    • Measure compressor starting and running amperage is within specifications for your unit.
    • Check indoor blower motor shaft for balance and bearings for wear. Measure blower motor capacitor and amperage being drawn is optimal.
    • Check main burners for proper ignition.
    • Check for signs of improper or poor electrical connections and fix or replace if needed.
    • Check flame safety limits and safety controls.
    • Inspect gas valve for safe operation.
    • Inspect system for gas leakage using high-tech sensors.
    • Cycle electronic ignition control systems and ensure proper operation.
    • Cycle and inspect combustion air and induced draft blower operation.
    • Check and clean condensation drainage and overflow lines are clean and unobstructed.
    • Cycle reversing valve. Check slide operation.
    • Cycle coil defrost mode controls for proper operation.
    • Make sure that all furnace covers are properly installed and blower door switch safety mechanisms function properly.

    Extended Labor Warranties

    Thompson Heating and Cooling offers our standard 2 year labor warranty included with most services that we perform at no additional cost. We stand behind our work and the professional services we perform on your heating and cooling system.

    We also make sure we offer the resource that our customers need to register any new equipment to take advantage of the manufacturers warranties included with new parts and equipment installed in their unit. Some manufacturers warranty their parts for as many as 10 years, which when properly registered for coverage can save thousands if they go bad inside that period.

    We also offer extended labor warranties that give our customers peace of mind. Pricing is based on the services rendered and content of the customers work order, but generally the options would be for an additional 3 years of coverage or an additional 8 years of coverage from the service date. If you need more or less coverage, we can customize a plan just for you.